The Belanga Restaurant

At Belanga, we serve a fine selection of staple Indonesian dishes alongside intercontinental favourites, all made from locally sourced fresh produce. Meet and swap stories with fellow adventurers here and enjoy the while enjoying a wide array of hearty meals, delicious dessert and refreshing beverages while enjoying the scenic hillside surrounding the restaurant. Belanga is located on the second floor of the main resort building.

Opening Hours : 07:00 - 09:30 (breakfast), 12:00 - 14:30 (lunch), 18:00 - 22:00 (dinner)

Discover Our Menu:


• Scallops
Served with green Nahm Jim, crispy duck and aromatic garnish.

• Chicken Wings
Hot, tangy and refreshing chicken BBQ chicken wings.

• Trio Mini Burger
Ramen burger, tofu burger and brioche burger

• Fish and Chips
Bandeng, fries, mashed green peas and tar-tar sauce

• Prawn Tempura
Served with seasonal fruit rujak


• Nasi Goreng
Inspired from the village, spicy fried rice with ribs, and served with sambal ulek, pickled, fried chicken, crispy shrimp crackers, satay lilit and shredded omelet
• Mie Goreng
Wok fried egg noodles with vegetables and seafood served with sambal, pickles,
fried chicken, crispy shrimp crackers, and shredded omelette
• Chicken Leg Confit
Tender and crispy chicken leg served with sambal tomat and salad


• Iga Bakar Sauce Madu 
Braised and grilled beef rib with honey soy sauce, grilled seasonal mushroom and beurre monte vegetables 
• Anticuchos Fish 
Grilled spicy Peruvian Freshly caught fish served with lemon, tapioca root fries and sambal kecincang
• Short Loin
Grilled short loin with rendang soil, natural jus, and roasted vegetables

• Sweet and Sour Lemon Tart 
Served with vanilla ice cream
• Chocolate Lava
Served with vanilla ice cream 
• Black Sticky Rice 
Served with palm sugar ice cream


• Fried Banana  
Our famous banana fritter topped with cheese and chocolate
• Giant Banana 
Whole fried banana stuffed with chocolate and cheesewater to produce
• Banana Burger  
Breaded banana bun, hand crafted beef burger, melted cheese, fries and salad
• Grilled Banana 
Grilled and caramelized fine banana with sliced of lemon
• Banana Crepes 
Rolled banana with crepes skin and butter scotch sauce
• Roasted Banana  
Roasted stuffed banana with mozzarella cheese and served with green chilli sauce

• Banana Soft Cake  
Our signature chocolate soft cake and stuffed with fine banana
• Java Banana Crème Brûlée
Our signature brûlée, infused coffee and banana
• Banana Pie
Vanilla banana pie topped with Swiss meringues
• Banana Roulade
Roulade roasted whole banana with cream cheese and puff pastry 
• Banana Fondue
Frozen banana mousse served with chocolate dipping and condiments

Gourmet Coffee
• Java Espresso
Our finely grounded and freshly roasted coffee beans brewed by forcing a small amount of pressurized boiling water to produce a pleasant and flavourful cup of coffee.
• Java Black
Our finely grounded and freshly roasted coffee beans brewed by a cup of boiling water to produce an aromatic and delightful cup of coffee.
• Java Cappuccino
Our signature Java Espresso, infused with hot steamed milk with a sliver of frothy milk foam Java Latte Our signature Java Espresso, infused with hot steamed milk and a gratuitous amount of frothy milk foam
• Java Banana Ice Blended
Our signature Java Espresso, banana and milk

Chocolate Tempetation
• Java Banana Chocolate
Hot chocolate drinking ceremony or Ice chocolate.To create the ultimate experience pleased choose flavour as your preference Hazelnut . Mint . Caramel . Vanilla

Tea Tempetation  
• Java Black Tea
• Java Green Tea
• Lychee Tea
• Lemon Grass Tea

Soft Drinks

Fruits  Tempetations
• Juice, Smoothies or Milk Shake

Water Tempetations
• Sparkling Water Ferrarelle 330 ml
• Natural Still Water Natia 330 ml

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