Activities at Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo Jiwa Jawa Bromo is situated 15 minutes drive away from Tengger Caldera entrance, making it the place to stay when exploring the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

  • Tengger Caldera Adventure

    After sunrise watching, continue on with the exploration of Tengger Caldera area, where a unique ecosystem exists.  Drive on a 4x4 vehicle over Pasir Berbisik, a landscape of volcanic sand that evokes a similarity to an arid dessert. A couple of hundred meters away, adventurers will be...

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  • Sunrise over Mount Bromo

    A must-do when visiting the national park, Mount Bromo provides the backdrop for one of the most stunning sunrise watching spots on earth. Watch the night turns into day with the awe-inducing Tengger Caldera before your eyes. Start your journey early and make your way to Pananjakan viewpoint to...

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  • Sunset at Mount Bromo

    Watch as the day turns into night from the peak of Mentigen Hill, the highest lookout point of Mount Bromo. The experience is perfect for those who appreciate silence amid nature, as sunset watching at Bromo is generally much less crowded than sunrise.

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  • Mount Semeru

    Adventurers can also venture forth to the majestic Mount Semeru, with its peak Mahameru being the highest peak of Java. A trek up the summit is suitable for experienced mountain climbers, and a trip up Semery requires careful planning. To experience Semeru, kindly request with an ample time prior...

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  • Ranu Kumbolo

    Nestled at the foot of Mount Semeru, Ranu Kombolo is a mountain lake that is dubbed the heavenly part of the challenging Semeru hike. Within the 500 hectare of forest and lake is a camping ground that allows for a truly photogenic adventure backdrop.

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  • Madakaripura

    Located in the village of Sapih, not too far away from Mount Bromo, the Madakaripura Waterfall is historical as it is breathtaking. The locals believe that Indonesia's legendary warlord Gajah Mada, spent his last meditation below the waterfall.

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  • Village Trekking

    The Bromo Tengger National Park is as much about its people as it is about breathtaking landscapes. Get to know the locals and listen to their stories as you track around the villages within the vicinity. It is a taste of Javanese hospitality at its best.

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  • Pekalen Rafting Adventure

    Those who are into adrenaline rush would enjoy a white water rafting trip along the Pekalen River, 20 kilometres away from the city of Probolinggo. Rafters may choose the 7 kilometres, 9 kilometres, or 12 kilometers rafting route.

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