Java Banana | Finest Banana Gourmet

A manifestation of our love for good food and good art, Java Banana Cafe is an ideal place to enjoy both goodness in life at the same time.

Opening Hours : 08:00 - 22:00

Discover Our Menu:

• Scallop
Served with green Nahm Jim, crispy duck and aromatic garnish.
• Chicken Wings
Hot, tangy and refreshing chicken BBQ chicken wings.
• Trio Mini Burger
Ramen burger, tofu burger and brioche burger
• Fish and Chips
Bandeng, fries, mashed green peas and tar-tar sauce
• Prawn Tempura 
Served with seasonal fruit rujak


• Nasi Goreng
Inspired from the village, spicy fried rice with ribs, and served with sambal ulek, pickled, fried chicken, crispy shrimp crackers, satay lilit and shredded omelet
• Mie Goreng
Wok fried egg noodles with vegetables and seafood served with sambal, pickles,
fried chicken, crispy shrimp crackers, and shredded omelette
• Chicken Leg Confit
Tender and crispy chicken leg served with sambal tomat and salad


• Iga Bakar Sauce Madu 
Braised and grilled beef rib with honey soy sauce, grilled seasonal mushroom and beurre monte vegetables 
• Anticuchos Fish 
Grilled spicy Peruvian Freshly caught fish served with lemon, tapioca root fries and sambal kecincang
• Short Loin
Grilled short loin with rendang soil, natural jus, and roasted vegetables

• Sweet and Sour Lemon Tart 
Served with vanilla ice cream
• Chocolate Lava
Served with vanilla ice cream 
• Black Sticky Rice 
Served with palm sugar ice cream


• Fried Banana 
Our famous banana fritter topped with cheese and chocolate
• Giant Banana 
Whole fried banana stuffed with chocolate and cheesewater to produce
• Banana Burger 
Breaded banana bun, hand crafted beef burger, melted cheese, fries and salad
• Grilled Banana 
Grilled and caramelized fine banana with sliced of lemon
• Banana Crepes 
Rolled banana with crepes skin and butter scotch sauce
• Roasted Banana  
Roasted stuffed banana with mozzarella cheese and served with green chilli sauce

• Banana Soft Cake  
Our signature chocolate soft cake and stuffed with fine banana
• Java Banana Crème Brûlée
Our signature brûlée, infused coffee and banana
• Banana Pie
Vanilla banana pie topped with Swiss meringues
• Banana Roulade
Roulade roasted whole banana with cream cheese and puff pastry 
• Banana Fondue
Frozen banana mousse served with chocolate dipping and condiments

Gourmet Coffee
• Java Espresso
Our finely grounded and freshly roasted coffee beans brewed by forcing a small amount of pressurized boiling water to produce a pleasant and flavourful cup of coffee.
• Java Black
Our finely grounded and freshly roasted coffee beans brewed by a cup of boiling water to produce an aromatic and delightful cup of coffee.
• Java Cappuccino
Our signature Java Espresso, infused with hot steamed milk with a sliver of frothy milk foam Java Latte Our signature Java Espresso, infused with hot steamed milk and a gratuitous amount of frothy milk foam
• Java Banana Ice Blended
Our signature Java Espresso, banana and milk

Chocolate Tempetation
• Java Banana Chocolate
Hot chocolate drinking ceremony or Ice chocolate.To create the ultimate experience pleased choose flavour as your preference Hazelnut . Mint . Caramel . Vanilla

Tea Tempetation 
• Java Black Tea
• Java Green Tea
• Lychee Tea
• Lemon Grass Tea??

Soft Drinks

Fruits  Tempetations
• Juice, Smoothies or Milk Shake

Water Tempetations?
• Sparkling Water Ferrarelle 330 ml?
• Natural Still Water Natia 330 ml

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