Everything slows down in Semarang. A city of cultural and culinary treasures, Semarang is the right place for the urban explorers who seek a different kind of adventure. Feel right at home in Java Go Semarang after you spend the day exploring the corners of the city.

  • Semarang Old Town

    Semarang has a plethora of colonial-style buildings from the Dutch era in Indonesia that are still well-preserved.

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  • Lawang Sewu

    Meaning “a building with a thousand doors” in Javanese, Lawang Sewu is one of the most notable landmarks in Semarang. It was built with art-deco style during 1904 to 1907, and utilised as the main railway office and depot by Dutch colonial government. Today, it is undergoing a thorough...

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  • Candi Gedong Songo

    A complex consisting of nine temples built in the 9th century, Candi Gedong Songo is situated around 45km away from Semarang. Challenge yourself to visit all nine buildings across the valley of Mount Ungaran, while enjoying the fresh air and stunning view of the mountains and hills. Afterwards,...

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  • Semarang Culinary Experience

    An exciting array of local flavours awaits to be discovered around Semarang. For starters, try visiting food stalls in Simpang Lima, Jalan Pahlawan and Semawis. High on the must-try list are lumpia, the local twist of spring roll, bandeng presto, the pressure-cooked fish delicacy. A handful of...

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  • Ambarawa

    Offering a tantalising mix of history and nature is Ambarawa, a city within an hour’s drive from Semarang. The most famous historical destination in the area is Ambarawa Railway Museum that houses a collection of steam locomotives and allows guests to embark on a short trip in the old trains...

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